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My passion to create leads me down many roads, whether it be long exposures on the beach, portaits in secret locations, creative story telling on film, or action filming. I love trying to find new exciting ways to create a shot especially when collaborating with other like minded individuals or groups.

Who is

Andrew Chenault

                Andrew Chenault born in Burbank and raised in LA, California. Has always held a fascination with the creative and artistic world. Growing up a huge movie buff, Andrew surrounded himself with a constant state of inspiration and creation from his favorite movies and shows whether it were Kung Fu flicks, Star Wars, action flicks, monster movies, or horrors.  Initially entering UCI as an aerospace engineer, after careful consideration, made the change to Film & Media and has never looked back.

              Andrew’s journey would start with volunteer production work for non profits such as What A Pair!, the annual star studded duet productions with some of Hollywood's most prominent talent to raise money for breast cancer research. It would be during his last two years in high school  where he would begin filmmaking. Andrew and a close friend of his would begin to write shorts of all types of genre and would meet every weekend to not only attempt to film the shorts but learn the craft of film making itself. He would learn through practice and would continue this through his time at UCI. Building his hands-on experience in film making, Andrew found passion in martial arts and stunt fighting during his four years at UCI. Combining both action filmmaking and fight choreography, he utilized his passion to coordinate, direct, and choreograph fights for the annual Chinese Association Culture Night show.

             To further his experience, Andrew joined a start-up Media Production Company, Foreground, building professional experience with cliental such as the Major League Baseball Association, the Grammy Awards, The Playboy Mansion, City Gala, Amazon, various weddings, anniversaries, and commercials as a photographer, videographer, editor, and director.

            Andrew thrives while working together with passionate and spirited groups of diverse individuals believing that it is both the most effective and enjoyable way to go through the filmmaking or creative process. Duringhis free time Andrew loves to eat, enjoys traveling to new places, creating new and interesting photographic ideas and projects, and continues to train in martial arts, acrobatics, and stunts.
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